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Field & Stream - Friend, Outfitter and Trusted Guide

Welcome to the world of Field & Stream

For over 137 years Field & Stream has been a friend, an outfitter and a trusted guide to the American sportsmen. Field & Stream is more than a brand or label, it is a worldwide institution to millions of individuals whose love of the outdoors is an important part of their lives.

We believe that every field and every stream hold the potential for the authentic sportsmen’s and sportswomen’s experience, whether it is in the backyard or the backwoods.

This is Field & Stream.

A world class brand with powerful ammo, Field & Stream enjoys near universal consumer recognition. We own 115 US and International trademarks covering 600 plus products in 43 countries including China, Europe and many others.

The outdoor market is a massive economic engine and we are positioning Field & Stream to be the world’s #1 outdoor performance brand.